10 Transformational Benefits of Yoga

Transformation Hatha Yoga is powerful and effective, and yet it is gentle and for everyone, including complete beginners.  It is not about twisting yourself up in knots!  It is important that we do not push ourselves with any form of exercise.  Rather we teach you to work with your body ~ tuning in with its needs, to relax the mind, and open up to your inner spirit.  A complete, holistic exercise.

Here are just 10 of the many benefits of Transformation Hatha Yoga.  If you answer Yes to any (or all!) of the questions below, know that you are not alone.  Many people are suffering from a lack of balance on many levels.  Help is on its way!  Transformation Hatha Yoga classes are a wonderful way to start living the life you want to have.

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  1. Time to Yourself

    Do you need a break? Whether you need more peace, time away from screens, or a break from being busy all the time or caring for others, Transformation Hatha Yoga classes are an ideal way to give you a much-deserved rest.

  2. Positivity

    Would you like to improve your outlook on life? Transformation Yoga is enjoyable and uplifting, teaching you to feel good about yourself as well having a positive world view.

  3. Better Sleep

    Could your sleep be better? We often hear people say they had the best night’s sleep ever after a yoga class.  At bedtime we should be tired, but not drained and exhausted to the point that we have trouble sleeping.  Learn how to sleep well and wake refreshed.

  4. Balancing

    Are you always on the go? Is your only down-time spent in front of the TV/screens?  We need time to balance ourselves properly throughout the week.  The Transformation Hatha Yoga poses and exercises help bring balance.  Also, the very nature of the class format is balanced, helping you to emulate balance in your life.

  5. Relaxing

    Are you stressed? Is your nervous system on over-load?  When’s the last time you felt truly relaxed?  In addition to the classes being deeply relaxing, we teach you tools, postures, and breathing exercises to help you to relax throughout the week.

    Yoga Classes Christchurch Hatha

  6. Energizing

    Could you use more energy? People are increasingly finding they are lacking the energy they need to operate at their best.  Students often say they are both relaxed, yet surprisingly alert and energized after a Transformation Hatha Yoga Class.

  7. Mental Clarity

    Do you have trouble focusing? Yoga is an ideal way to improve your concentration through simple, yet effective techniques and exercises.  Clear your head and begin to hear your own thoughts.

  8. Improves Mood

    Do you ever get grumpy? Moody?  Yoga is wonderfully steadying for moods and hormones, helping us to be kinder and more loving to ourselves and others.  It increases our self-awareness, helping us to know our needs, and be more in charge of our behavior.

    Yoga Classes Christchurch Hatha

  9. Self-Esteem

    Would you like to feel better about yourself? Sadly, far too many people struggle with self-worth.  Learn to stand tall, within and without, and take your rightful place in the world.

  10. Health and Well-Being

    Would you like be healthy and stay that way? The list of physical and inner benefits of Yoga is long and well-documented, from reduced pain, release of muscle tension, postural corrections, improved flexibility, improved respiration, weight balancing and much more.  Remember: the body follows the mind.

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