3 Meanings of Upliftment

Summer Newsletter

We send you joyful wishes as we welcome the approach of summer and the Christmas season. ¬†The word “upliftment” has been on our minds lately. ¬†Having used this word for many years, we were puzzled to find that gmail picks it up as misspelled! ¬†But it is, indeed, a word, and upon looking it up, we discovered this beautiful definition: “improvement of a person’s spiritual condition”. ¬†How appropriate for this time of year with Christmas upon us, and all the opportunities for spiritual growth that it brings. ¬†There is nothing like Pure Meditation to improve a person’s spiritual condition and we have been blessed to witness so many lives change for the better. ¬†Contact us to speak with a Pure Meditation Teacher about how this Course helps us to be who we truly are so that we can live more fully. ¬†Mata Yogananaji’s new book “Live in the Light” will soon be published, abounding with inspiration to improve your spiritual condition ~ read on for more details and to read a special quote from the book.

A second definition of upliftment: “an act of lifting up or raising” describes perfectly what is happening at the Centre as supporters respond to the Centre’s call for help in our time of need. ¬†Please visit our Donate Page¬†for more information and to donate today! ¬†We desperately need support from each and every one of you. ¬†Please will you help the Centre, a registered charity, in the following ways:

  • Pray for the Centre that we receive¬†the funding we need to rebuild and to support us through the court process.
  • Donate in lump sums and at regular intervals.
  • Volunteer your time ~ at the Centre and with fundraising projects.
  • Read emails sent to you by the Centre ~ your involvement and encouraging replies are so important.
  • Signup for our Fundraiser & Rebuild Updates, to keep informed of our court case news and fundraising events.
  • Share with all you know about Centre courses, events, and need for donations and volunteers.

The third definition of upliftment we came upon was “a geological upheaval”. ¬†It seems a stretch to call the recent earthquake an upliftment! ¬†But, as Mata Yoganandaji says, it’s not what happens, it’s what we do with what happens that counts. ¬†And it certainly was uplifting to have many volunteers gather here following the recent earthquake to help us deal with a flood resulting from the earthquake. ¬†We all had a laugh as the last item was returned to the garage just as the rain came pouring down!

Gathering together for a good cause brings upliftment ~ help the Centre in our time of need and reap the many uplifting blessings that await you.  Thank you all for your loving support.

As always, remember that we are here to help you ~ and we would love to hear how things are going for you.

Wishing you every blessing,
Christina Seva & Paul Premanda

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