Pausing to Enjoy the Peace of Easter

As Easter approaches and the beautiful energy of peace and stillness builds, it is lovely to think of all the opportunities we can take throughout the day to pause and enjoy the simple things in life. I’ve just been enjoying the way the rain is dripping off the ends of the Liquidambar tree leaves. And we’ve been pausing this monring each time we hear the melodic ring of a bell bird that has been visiting the Centre regularly lately. So perfectly simple and yet also quite fascinating. I knew that Gurudeva would have a poem to go along beautifully with these reflections. And here it is!

Be Still & Listen

Be still and listen to the voice and sound of all creation.
For in Creation there are many wonderous sounds to be heard.

The wind caressing the trees, the trees dancing to its rhythm
Leaves rustling, birds, each singing their own song of life.

While flowers nod their heads beckoning you to them,
To look and see the variation of colours they provide us with.

We have only to be still within to receive from life
Of its beauty, joy and energies.

from The Truth Eternal
by Mata Yogananda ♡