Courses, Classes and Workshops

For those wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters, being guided with unconditional love and without dogma or judgement. 

In addition to our courses and training in Pure MeditationIntuitive Counselling, and Pure Spiritual Healing, we hold the following courses, workshops and classes throughout the year. If you see a course below that you are interested in, but do not see it on the schedule, please do contact us, as in addition to running courses outside of our yearly schedule, we may also be able to run a course by request.

Animal Healing Course

September 11 & 18

A practical hands-on course teaching you how to turn your love of animals into healing for them. Working with love and respect for all animals, this course shows you how to help enhance  the animals’ quality of life and to stimulate their body’s own healing mechanism. This is a two day course for those who wish to learn how to give Holistic Healing to animals. The cost for the weekend is $350 and includes delicious vegetarian lunches and refreshments.  We can only take small numbers on the Animal Healing Course and advanced bookings are recommended.

Spiritual Knowledge Discussion Series

Tuesday evening classes held over four sessions from 6.45 – 7.45. A discussion group to explore relevant topics that affect our day-to-day lives. Bring more knowledge and understanding to your life and your relationships. This discussion group is facilitated without dogma, in the supportive & caring environment of the Centre. Fee $95.

Pure Meditative Peace & Mindfulness ~ for 5 – 12 year-olds

This is a wonderful and enjoyable class for children to learn to calm themselves at will and to be fed by the peace.  Children naturally take to the simple yet effective techniques taught. Parents are invited to 45 minutes to curl up with a book, relax with a cup of tea by the fire, and/or have a stroll in the gardens at no extra charge. $35/child.

Technology and Spiritual Living

Technology and Spirituality needn’t be at odds. Learn how to maintain your balance and well-being in a fast-changing, computerized, digitized age. Develop a greater understanding and awareness of modern living in a time of physical social distancing that you can make the most of it while maintaining your energy integrity. Learn practical and enjoyable ways of taking care of your energy, so that you can make the most of living in a technological age with all its pros and cons. To be more creative, focused and concentrated on tablets, smart phones or computers needs only a few seconds of your time and reaps many benefits. Learn about technology and spiritual living so that you can be refreshed and rejuvenated when you recommence working with technology.  Read more about digital distraction and overwhelm and how this course can bring positive changes to your life.

Understanding Our Energies

Science and Spirituality working together ~ Enhancing life in every Way.
This Course is about developing  understanding of energy from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. Using practical exploration of the different energies that we work with and experience throughout our day, we look in depth at how to maintain harmony and balance as we navigate all life’s situations.

Understanding Death & Passing

What happens when we die?  Go beyond myths, emotions and traditions and set yourself and others free to face the reality of death and therefore embrace life more fully – honouring the inner self. This 2-day course is $350 and includes delicious vegetarian lunches & refreshments.

Embracing & Affecting Change

Why is change such a vitally important aspect of the spiritual path? Why do we fear and resist change? How can we approach it positively and progressively? Understand your habits and conditioning during this weekend workshop and explore ways to welcome the opportunities that life brings with courage and creativity. Learn to empower yourself to inspire positive change in your family, community and the world. The workshop runs from 9.45 – 5 pm Saturday & Sunday. This 2-day workshop is $350 and includes delicious vegetarian lunches & refreshments. Contact us for more information.

Transforming Fear & Worry

One of the single biggest problems that people have that keep us from enjoying and getting the most out of life is the habit of fear and worry. Understand more about this global ailment, learn to recognize the energy of fear and worry, and how to transform this energy into faith, positivity and freedom, for the good of yourself and all of life. The workshop runs from 9.45 – 5 pm Saturday & Sunday. This 2-day course is $350 and includes delicious vegetarian lunches & refreshments.

Relaxation Night & Day Workshop

Many people struggle with their sleep and start the day feeling tired, tense, or down.  This is a practical workshop helping you to learn to Sleep well, Wake rested & Enjoy life!  Stress and tension can build up causing problems throughout the day and night.  Learn tips and tools, including breathing techniques and visualization, to help you to get the rest you need and get the most out of life.  This 1-day workshop is $175 and includes a delicious vegetarian lunch & refreshments.

Energy care and Wellbeing in a Busy World

A workshop to help you develop a practical approach to self-care!  Life today can be very demanding.  Whether it’s your home-life, social life, or your work that’s hectic (or all three!), there are ways to look after yourself so that you keep the stress from building.  Get a strategy and some excellent tools and techniques to help to keep your peace and maintain self-awareness. This 1-day workshop is $175 and includes a delicious vegetarian lunch & refreshments.

Spiritual Parenting & Leadership

For all those who care about children – their own and the world’s – and for all who would like to learn the fine art and balance of leading and following.  Break free of conditioning & unhelpful habits. Embrace a holistic & intuitive approach to parenting and leadership – an approach that reflects who you truly are. We all parent in some way and we are all parented ~ this Course is for all people lovers and people workers as well as biological parents, grandparents and carers of parents. Explore more deeply the importance of loving and understanding ourselves and others in the complexities of relationships. Learn to release conditioning so that guidance of others comes from both a loving heart and balanced reality. This 2-day course is $350 and includes delicious vegetarian lunches & refreshments