Earth Hour Candlelit Meditation Evening ♡
Peace is Power!

Saturday, March 24
8:00 pm

Join millions around the world in celebration of the earth for a special Earth Hour Meditation Evening by candlelight at 8:00 pm this Saturday. A prayer for the planet and for world peace will be sent at 9 pm. Free Event ~ All are welcome.

One of the most powerful things we can do to help the planet is to join together in Meditation and prayer, to raise awareness within ourselves, and therefore the world, as we are all one.  Whether you can come in person, or link in from home, be a part of the positive wave of peace and love going out to all of life in need.

Pure Meditation Evenings are held every night of the year. All are welcome to join us from ~

7:00 pm Sunday with an Inspired Talk from Mata Yoganandaji
8:00 pm Monday – Saturday with Chanting on Wednesdays

Contact us for more information.