Advanced Therapies to meet Modern Needs

To get the most of out of life, we often need a helping hand.  Our highly intuitive therapists see each person as a unique individual and work from a place of unconditional love and non-judgement.  Visit our therapy pages to learn more about how to be empowered to be free from what ails you and live a full and satisfying life.

Pure Spiritual Healing Therapy

Intuitive Counselling Therapy

Professional Training to the Highest Standards

Many people on the spiritual path feel they want to help others. People all around us are suffering unnecessarily and need Healing, Counselling, and tools to see them out of complacency and disharmony and into greater peace and self-knowledge.

Feel drawn to helping others?  Embrace the exciting journey of self-development while you learn to heal others as well as yourself.

Pure Spiritual Healing Course

Intuitive Counselling Course

Sevalight Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

Helping all Creatures Great & Small

Like children, animals connect easily to the unconditional love and Healing power, as they often have not put up barriers to it.  Whether you wish to bring your own animal in for Healing or learn to give Animal Healing yourself, it is a true joy to see our animal friends helped in this way.  

Visit our Animal Healing Course page for more details or contact an Animal Healer today.