We received a heartfelt comment on our Facebook page from a Pure Meditator following our post about our newly added courses for 2019:

“As a practitioner of Pure Meditation for nearly 20 years – this is the best investment you could ever make for yourself. A bringer of calm, peace, balance and bliss that one can bring to every aspect of life. I began this course suffering from many challenges that caused depression and suicidal thoughts. Through persistent practice, I was able to melt those feelings to live a very uplifting and fulfilled and successful life.

When you suffer from depression, you never think it will end or with any bright moment – you wonder how long it will last. I now expect my life to be well, feel cared for (and I care for myself well) and know that low periods are momentary as ultimately I have charge of my mind and where my thoughts take me. The support given on this course was like no other I had done. All with the blessing of a true Guru (dispeller of darkness). We all need this with the stresses we suffer from today.” ~ J.L.

Upcoming Pure Meditation Courses:

Oct. 19 – 20 & 25 – 27

Nov. 3 – 9

Nov. 15 – 17 & 23 – 24

There are currently spaces available. We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have.