Connecting with Peace and Unconditional Love ~ is an essential part of staying balanced as we navigate the ups and downs in life.

Through Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji’s words of inspiration and the tools that she has provided, we are helped to find balance and clarity of heart and mind ~ empowering us to live each day in the most positive and harmonious way that we can.

A Peace Breath

Practicing just a few moments of peaceful connection brings us back to ourself …. to forge ahead.

A Peace Breath

by Mata Yogananda | from INSPIRING TALKS 2

Energy Care

Energy Care techniques are a must for anyone who wants to maintain balance in life’s changing and challenging situations, or who finds themselves at any time knocked off balance by others or circumstances.

Simple yet profound ‘Energy Tools’ are taught in many of our courses and 1:1 appointments, and in-depth during the Pure Meditation Course.


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Visualizations For You

Practicing just a few moments of peaceful connection brings us back to ourselves …. to forge ahead.

A few minutes of your day to let go and relax can change so much for the better in all that is to come.

This Audio Track is one of the Visualizations recorded by Mata Yoganandaji ~ an extract from ‘Visualizations from You’ (book and audio).

By a River

by Mata Yogananda | Visualizations For You

The whole of ‘Visualizations For You’, along with other audio recordings, can be downloaded from sevalight.org

Why We Need A Guru

A Guru is there to empower us in every way, to forge ahead on our Spiritual and mortal path.

Of Unconditional Love and Pure wisdom, teaching without dogma ~ they are there for each individual as they are, that they may develop their own personal relationship with the Divine Power – God.

In this video ~ Mananda Carrigan, a direct disciple of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji, speaks with devotion about the many ways a true Guru helps forward on our path.


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