Transformation ~ Time for Change!

Ready for transformation? We hope you are well and enjoying the adventures of early winter, as we are. Everyday as we look around at the changes taking place, we can’t help but be reminded that we are meant to continually be transforming ourselves. The beautiful change of the seasons, the falling leaves, and, at long last, the third (and final!) round of laying the pavers around the front and pool. We are looking forward to the circle paving taking its glorious shape and once more having a truly special place to do our Preparation for Meditation Exercises.

How are you doing with your own personal transformation? Remember how important it is to keep forging ahead ~ not allowing ourselves to get discouraged or complacent. Check out our upcoming Courses & opportunities in this newsletter. And don’t forget that the quickest path to transformation is in-depth Pure Meditation. As always, do contact us for guidance. Don’t fear change – embrace it!

With our blessings to you,  Christina Seva & Paul Premanda

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