There is always ‘good in a bad thing’

As we are gearing for our upcoming Spiritual Stepping Stones Event this Wednesday, lovely thoughts of approaching problems positively have been on our minds even more than usual. As we look back on our life and reflect on the seemingly ‘bad things’ or difficulties that happen in our lives, are we able to take the positive learning from them and leave the rest?

This beautiful excerpt from Mata Yogananda’s book, ‘Gods in the Making’ reminds us of how to do this:

‘So there is always ‘good in a bad thing’. We learn from our mistakes. We learn from our problems if we take the good from them, and if we don’t just accept every day is another day: it is going to be tiring, it is not easy, that you’re bored, you’re fed up, why can’t this happen, why can’t that happen. Obliterate those things from your thoughts. Put in waking up excited about what will happen in the day, whatever your work may be. And go about that day with a freshness, and do it in the right way…and that will bring you complete peace within your whole being for the rest of your lives.’

For more inspiration on ‘Responding Abundantly to Life’s Adventures’ join us for our upcoming Spiritual Stepping Stones Event.

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