This photo taken high up in the hills of the Banks Pennisula seemed a perfect match for a recent entry from Mata Yoganandaji’s daily verses book Live in the Light. The moon and clouds formed an ephemerally flowing scene that stopped us in our tracks. We have been hearing many comments of how much the daily verse from Live in the Light really sets people up for the day. The verses are short, but packed with power, meaning and inspiration. May these loving words inspire you…

✾ Let Life Flow Through You ✾

Trust yourself, allowing unbidden thoughts to come in,
for you to re-think and go forward,
opening up to receive the greater power of the universe,
greater thinking within to bring more creativity into your being.

Let life flow through you.
Be aware you are part of life,
part of the Great Plan.

Unbidden thoughts are often there to push you
to a bigger realisation,
which brings creativity.

✾ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ✾

From Live in the Light