By Guest Contributor Christina Taylor

Through the process of considering what I should write this blog about, I did lots of reflecting on how profoundly my life has changed since coming to the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing five years ago. I dearly wanted to write something to express my gratitude for all the positive change that has taken place for me, but initially I hit a little road block.  My habitual thought of ‘it has to be perfect, I have to get it just right’ was in the way. On reading Mataji’s verse from Live in the Light on the 7th of June, this helped me to see a different perspective. ‘There is so much Light and Love within you, why do you waste time in criticism and judgement, instead of giving Love’. Why was I wasting time criticising myself for needing to get it right? Instead I shifted my thinking and decided to speak my truth and to open my heart and allow the love and light to flow from me. What a wonderful life lesson this is. My blog would be an essay if I wrote down every aspect of which I am grateful for, but this is a little start.

It is such a blessing to wake up every morning and not feel alone, to know that my Guru is with me, guiding me throughout my day. I love to start the day with the uplifting words of wisdom from ‘Live in the Light’ by Mata Yogananda and then imbibe in the peace during my morning Pure Meditation.

Throughout my day I use the wonderful spiritual tools and breaths that I have learnt from the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing and these allow me to be so much more balanced and peaceful. I work as a mental health nurse and my work days often involve managing challenging situations. I feel so blessed that I have such an amazing tool kit of practical spiritual skills to use. I feel that the clients and families that I work with also benefit. There is a powerful ripple effect of me being balanced in my energy and allowing the love and light to shine to those around me.

When I put my daughter to bed at night, she requests to go to sleep listening to Mata Yogananda’s Vibrations of Love CD. She refers to this as “her peaceful music”.  This music fills our house with such a lovely peaceful energy and is a wonderful way to end our day.

What a blessing it is to have found the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing and to now live a life that is so much more peaceful and fulfilling and to be able to spread this light to all those I meet.

Chris has been coming to the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing since 2013, she joyfully attends regular courses, therapies and training. She is currently undertaking training to become a Natural Spiritual Healer. When she is not working in her Registered Nurse position or spending time with her daughter, she loves the opportunity to volunteer regularly at the Centre.