Living Life

A chapter from The Truth Eternal
By Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

Every minute of your life is precious.

Make the most of every second; every minute every hour; for they will not return again for you.

Your mind, body and spirit has been given to you to treasure and enjoy life with that knowledge.

We pass this way but once, a facet of one life completed.

By making the most of your time, enjoying every minute, when your life is finished you will have no regrets.

Life Is For Living

I do believe fully that you should learn how to enjoy every minute of this lifetime.

The faces full of joy are few, the sad long faces are many.  We have to realise that the life span is short, so, it is up to each and every one of us to make the very most of it.

There are wars, famine, murder, rape, inter-family fighting, even small children using violence as a way of life.

How can we be joyful in such a world?

The answer is to acknowledge that all this is happening (that’s the truth) but then do not dwell on such things for they will manifest in your mind if you do so.  These can become a full-time talking point, and also lead to feelings of depression.

Talking about events of a horrific nature does not help matters, in fact quite the reverse.

Prayer is needed. Being helpful when needed. Above all we need to rise above the bad negative energy. We do this by a smile, bringing upliftment and joy to those around us, and keeping faith that there is a reason for everything. Countries and people are working out much of their own karma now. Eventually good will prevail. Meanwhile, play your part in life by living life fully with faith and joy.

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This chapter is from The Truth Eternal, containing more than 120 short chapters, prayers, and poems to inspire you and guide you on your path.