Simple Living

Viewing this photo taken recently at Cave Rock in Sumner, I can’t help but think about how simple is the seagull’s life. We spent well over an hour at this spot and were amused by their goings-on. Congregating in packs, squawking raucously, occasionally soaring overhead. Never looking bored, out of balance, or unsure of how to spend their time.

As humans, we naturally value our ability to make choices ~ taking part in select aspects of life, choosing how and with whom we spend our time. It is a powerful and necessary part of our advancement spiritually to make choices. Indeed we are making choices every moment, which determine how we experience the now and the future.

Making Choices in the Modern World

The more material and technological advancement there is in life, the more we can become inundated with selection. Making decisions at such times can become overwhelming, stressful, exhausting and even debilitating. I remember in school in the US in the 1980s being told by a teacher about people moving to the States from other countries who were staggered at the choices at the supermarket to the point that they were paralyzed to make a decision. The ability to shop online with limitless options, comparisons and reviews has increased exponentially the opportunities for confusion and paralyzation.

Practical Spiritual Guidance

We are blessed to have words of guidance to navigate this fast-changing modern world we live in from Mata Yoganandaji. This excerpt is from “Live in the Light ~ a book of daily inspirations”


In life there is always a choice to be made, and often the more information you have, the more bewildering the choice becomes ~ and the harder the decision, especially if the information is contradictory.

Let your Intuition be your guide at all times.

Develop your Intuition

Many people do not think about using their intuition. Or perhaps they ‘save’ it only for bigger matters in life. Go by your intuition for all things. If you do not already have Meditation, this will greatly enhance your ability to be guided by your Higher Self. Make learning Meditation a goal for 2018 and set yourself free.