The Monkey Mind? Meditation is for Everyone!

We’ve all heard of the Monkey mind ~ so where does Meditation come in?

Mindfulness is a current buzzword. And no wonder, as it is so needed in life. We often hear people say, “I wouldn’t be able to meditate, because my mind is so busy”.  They are relieved when we tell them that there is nothing like meditation to help with this very condition.  When we have let our minds take the reigns and run ‘willy-nilly’ for years, it can prevent us from thinking clearly, and also we can allow negative thought patterns in that disrupt our peace and happiness.

For beginner’s, learning a meditative peace breath, such as Pure Meditative Peace, is an ideal way to start, bringing a sense of well-being, more positivity, and yes, stilling that Monkey Mind.  It takes just an hour to learn, and a few minutes to practice each day.  Why not give it a try?

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