Meditation Makes Everything Better ~ But it’s not for me

We know what you mean. We’ve been there too. The list of reasons why not to do the things that help us are endless and, at the time we are thinking them, absolutely convincing. Of the many reasons people may have to put off learning meditation, some of the most popular might be, “I wouldn’t be able to do it – my mind is too busy”, “It’s not for me – I am not religious or spiritual.” And at the top of the list seems to be:

“But I just don’t have enough time”

But perhaps your doctor has recommended that you learn to meditate because of your health or stress levels, or maybe a friend has spoken of how much it has helped them with their communication and relationships, or you’ve read some of the many articles being published about the numerous benefits such as positivity, purpose and life direction. Do you want to know your own thoughts? Or perhaps you have a sense that there is more peace, love and joy that you could experience in your life.

Meditation is the scientific approach to wellness. It can help everyone, no matter what your beliefs, whether you have a monkey mind and no matter how busy you are. We warmly invite you to attend our free talk on Pure Meditation, August 1 at 7 pm. Learn more about what 500 million people around the world already know ~ Meditation makes everything better.

Free Talk on Pure Meditation

August 1 @ 7 pm

Come along to this free talk and find out all about this profound, in-depth form of meditation and how it can change your life.