Running now are our 1 hour Spiritual Seminars ~ online, via Zoom. 

This is the response to the requests we’ve had to offer the opportunity for people to get together to explore the important issues of the day ~ from a spiritual perspective.

Times-are-a-changing and many are feeling the need to connect more with our spiritual nature. During this worldwide pandemic, many people are searching for ‘another way’ of living ~ with more meaning, positivity and harmony with life as a whole.

The Spiritual Seminars are led by Paulhansa, spiritual teacher and healer of the Self Realization Sevalight Centre in Christchurch. Seminars coming up will be on the following topics:


  • Your Life – Your Reality (16th June)
  • Fear into Faith into Freedom (23rd June)
  • Personal and Global Healing and Evolution  (7th July)
  • Meditation: Reconnecting to God – the One Divine Consciousness in all of Life (14th July)
  • Creating Peace Amidst the Chaos (28th July)
  • The Awakening of Universal Love (11th August)

(Let us know if you are interested in a particular seminar ~ you will be able to book onto the upcoming seminars soon.)


The seminars will now be held on Tuesday evenings running from 6.30 – 7.30pm

Donations (to help the work of the Centre) gratefully received.


Once you have booked your place, we will send you a Zoom link with instructions to join the seminar.



Personal and Global Healing and Evolution

7 – 8pm   Tuesday July 7th

In this important seminar we will look at the great opportunity we have as individuals and collectively as one humanity to rise above old ways of thinking and being. We will explore how we as individuals can embrace life as it is ~ and how with the upliftment of our consciousness towards our true spiritual nature – we can heal ourselves on many levels and help heal the world.

Meditation: Reconnecting to God – the One Divine Consciousness in all of Life

6.30 – 7.30pm   Tuesday July 14th

Learning and practising an in-depth meditation, such as Pure Meditation, enables us to go beyond the level of the mind into the deeper levels of our true state of being ~ in short, we connect to the Divine within us.

This seminar explores more about how an in-depth meditation helps us to be more our True Self – and what the practicalities are around this, including the importance of looking after our energies on a day-to-day basis.

Creating Peace Admist the Chaos

6.30 – 7.30pm   Tuesday July 28th

In these times of great change and upheaval, there can be much chaos – and this is being felt by many people the world over. We will look in this seminar at the reasons why at times in our individual and collection evolution we may need to experience chaos in the journey to greater awareness and more harmonious ways of living and being.

The Awakening of Universal Love

6.30 – 7.30pm   Tuesday August 11th

Universal Love is waking up and becoming increasingly present within Humanity. With this love there is hope for us as a species, there is hope for the planet ~ as long as this Universal Love continues to spread and grow in the hearts of all, in all nations ~ into governments and in the people who find themselves in positions of power.