We send you our warmest greetings and hope this finds you well and enjoying life. Life around the planet certainly is presenting a lot for us all to give pause and take stock. Even here in New Zealand, despite being comparatively less directly affected by Covid, it still seems we can’t help but feel the shifting of energies globally from this remarkable time where our human family is going through so much in this time of clearing.

So is it positive or negative?

Whether or not we are personally affected by these happenings, and even whether or not we are aware of the details, because we are one with our human family, we can feel that there is so much happening. Although we cannot see the bigger picture of the future, we know that so much good is already coming out of this global clearing ~ good always comes from bad and good always wins.

Feeling worry and fear?

We have heard of so many people feeling overwhelmed and helpless when considering all that is going on in the world. This can be especially true when we care about others ~ strangers and loved ones alike. But instead of channeling this loving care into worry and fear, there are so many positive ways we can help. And there is nothing more powerful to change the world than by changing oneself.

What can I do?

The Self Realization Sevalight Centres around the world have come into being to offer people of all beliefs and walks of life to develop and empower themselves. The path of Self-Realization is for anyone who wants to help others, to become a better person, to feel more at peace with themselves, to be more connected to their inner self and intuition, and to overcome any blocks and conditioning.

As we head further into 2021, it is exciting to think about all the many different ways to connect with our true selves ~ from those who are ready for the deep blessing of the 5-day Pure Meditation Course, to those who would like to start with yoga classes, seminars, or healing, there is much on offer to suit each individual person. For more information about some of the upcoming opportunities see our schedule.

We’d love to speak with you to tell you more about how the Centre can help you personally, so please do email us or phone us 03 359 8507. We welcome hearing from you.

With love and blessings to you always,

from the Sevalight Family, Christchurch