By Guest Contributor Nadine Marshall

It is always quite something to walk down the drive of the Centre and feel with each step you are being drawn into the love and peace there for us all.

Today was no different and on this beautiful autumn morning it was truly a delight to stand upon arrival and drink in the delights of the Centre bathed in the warm autumn sun with the rusted colours of the beautiful large oak and willow trees, the bright greens and spots of colour from the delicate cyclamens cheering you into the Centre entrance.

How blessed am I to be here, I thought, as I noticed other helpers busy in their happy industry of caring for this special place. Helping to send out more love and light to others so in need of a place of tranquility and respite in this crazy busy world.

Seva for me is one of the most rewarding and fun aspects of my week. It’s not volunteer work as such, it’s more like spiritual play and learning, and I definitely don’t feel myself without it.

After all, what’s not to love about sharing in spiritual community and fellowship with other like-minded souls?

It was such a blessing to be in the company of so many other lovely devotees at the most recent weekend course. Sharing in a beautiful meal together in the evening and communing together later in song, prayer and Pure Meditation was so uplifting on every level.

I can’t wait for our next opportunity.

Nadine balances her time as a self employed facilitator, mum of two and regular volunteer at the Centre. She is a qualified SevaLight Hatha Yoga Teacher, Holistic Energy Healer (and Animal Healer) and Holistic Counsellor and Coach. She has been joyfully volunteering and attending courses, training and therapies at the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing since 2004.