Are you being fed all you need?

We have our 2020 schedule released full of opportunities. As we welcome the warmer longer days of February and launch ourselves into this new decade, many of us are now back into full swing in our work, commitments and family routines.   Any New Year’s resolutions or commitments to our own well-being and sense of peace and purpose can all too easily be lost in the busy-ness and challenges of daily life.

It is wonderful, therefore, to know that this peace and balance ~ which is a part of our true nature, is within our grasp, if we but connect with it in simple and profound ways and allow ourselves to be fed on all levels.

All that we offer at the Centre here in Bishopdale, is designed to bring these truths within our grasp, within even the busiest and most stressful of lifestyles. Greater health, peace and happiness is a realistic goal, and each person needs to work towards this in their own unique and individual way.

Throughout the year and coming months, we have a wealth of beautiful Courses, Retreats and events, each one to facilitate this exploration and journey towards balance, vitality and wholeness… we warmly invite you to taste for yourself the peace and love within!

♥ ♥ ♥


Ready for Peace, Balance & Purpose?