Learn Pure Meditation ~
Kriya~Raja Yoga

taught in Christchurch, New Zealand

The Pure Meditation Course is the ultimate Course for today’s world – helping you to find and be your True self and to connect with the God-within; develop greater peace of mind, health and happiness and understanding of yourself and others.

It is a Course for everyone ~ incorporating Raja and Kriya Yoga. Practicing Pure Meditation helps you to be in balance, come what may and reach your full potential in every aspect of your life.

Find answers to all life’s questions on both a Spiritual and mortal level; learn how to truly Master yourself and connect more deeply with the Divine Oneness of all of life ~ to help bring you peace, joy and unconditional Love to all that you do.


About the Pure Meditation Course:

Student’s arrive on a Sunday afternoon to settle in, before staying for the week in the beauty and peace of the Centre. Delicious, healthy meals are lovingly prepared so that you can give your full attention to learning and assimilating all that is taught on the Course. The food is vegetarian/vegan and special diets of all kinds can be catered for. There are times to gather together for Pure Meditation morning and evening and for teaching sessions throughout the day, as well as ample time to rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Staying in this way, provides respite and Retreat from daily life, leaving you refreshed and ready to take all that you learn into your life.

Pure Meditation Course

Feb. 6 – 12, 2022

There are currently spaces available. We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have.

Both spiritually in-depth and practical for the modern day.

The full Raja-Kriya Yoga Course includes the 5-day Pure Meditation Course, followed by a further 2-day Course approximately 3-6 months later. Kriya, simply means ‘to do’ and the Kriya techniques and Breaths taught on this course give you all that you need to take a healthy charge of your life, to be all that you can be. ‘Raja Yoga’ means the ‘highest’ and best of all Yoga forms (Yoga meaning Union) and this ancient practice, now given to us in ‘modern form’ is practicable by anyone in any walk of life today. No matter how busy you are, practicing for even a short while each day, brings greater health, harmony and contentment beyond compare.

Release yourself from negativity, fear, conditioning – learn to embrace each day to the full with positivity, peace, love and joy.

The Divine Science of Pure Meditation is a sacred gift – handed down from Master Guru to Master Guru. Each Master comes at a time of great need, to bring the Pure Meditation, as it is needed, for that moment of time. The privilege of teaching Pure Meditation is a deep Blessing and is bestowed upon chosen Disciples who have Devotion for God & Guru. Only in this way can the full benefit be received by those who learn; and through acknowledging their Guru they may be guided to their own Self-Realization.

Those who teach Pure Meditation and Raja ~ Kriya Yoga for their own mortal and material gain, without the Blessing of a Guru can do harm to themselves and to others; as without this blessing the spiritual essence and purity is lost. The teachings given and received will be but an imitation of the true, Sacred, Divine Science which can only be bestowed by One who has trodden the path and found the way back home to  

To One-ness  ~ Light ~ God

A Message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ♡

The Pure Meditation Course will answer all possible questions, questions that have perhaps remained unanswered within your mind for a long time, not just on purely spiritual matters, on eating, attitudes to life, sexual matters.  It is a fully comprehensive, completely necessary course – for we cannot live a full and contented life without these deep questions being answered.

The combination of spirituality, science and down to earth knowledge must be made available for those who desire a Meditation that does give the depth and fullness required to help them forward into what should be a joyful, peaceful and loving life.  The Divine Spirit/God wants us to be happy, healthy, wise. Only with knowledge can we ourselves bring this about.

There is no Dogma only the TRUTH ~ KNOWLEDGE which CAN set your mind – YOU FREE.  All true Self~Realized Masters have known and spoken of such ways to remove the misery from our lives — from time immemorial.  Pure Meditation is for you – here – NOW. It is given in unconditional love by those who know the joys that can be obtained.  We wish only for your progress.  My love and blessings go out to you all on your journey forward.” 

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Pure Meditation is at the heart of the Centre’s work, as it is the quickest way to develop your connection with the God-within and to know yourself deeply, as you truly are, benefitting every single aspect of your life. You may hear of many things being called by the name “Meditation”, including a peaceful walk, listening to relaxing music, breath awareness, being in nature.  However, while all of these are important and have a place in life, true Meditation goes much deeper.

“Meditation is a specific form of concentration which, in real meaning, applies only in connection
with consciously tuning in with Cosmic Consciousness and cosmic supply.”

~Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

By Pure Meditation, we are withdrawing from our five sense telephones, relaxing our muscles, heart, our complete body until we can transcend to a state of bliss – extreme awareness, with blissful joy.

As we progress in our individual and planetary evolution there comes a time when we need to consciously enhance this process. Pure Meditation is given by the Masters for this purpose.  This should not be confused with visualisation, relaxation or other meditative states. Pure Meditation in essence is a way of life, and should be put into our life, not separated from it. This ancient art of Pure Meditation goes back beyond time, and yet is now still full of truth, wisdom and fulfilment. It has all the essence of its lineage, but with science and spirituality going hand in hand, you get there faster – you can fly to Self–Realization – why not?

For those wishing to take a step towards an in depth Pure Meditation practice, Pure Meditative Peace classes are offered on a 1 to 1 and group basis, for all ages from 5 years upwards.

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