It is always such a joy to be here at the Centre when there is a Pure Meditation Course on with all its deep vibrations of Love ~ Peace ~ Upliftment. Mata Yoganandaji, the spiritual head and patron of the SevaLight Retreat Centres Worldwide, has these joyful words to share with us.

❃ Propelling our True Selves Forward ❃

With Pure Meditation,
also giving time to help others,
we are able to look objectively at ourselves

and from our observations
master our thoughts and deeds,
propelling our true Self forward
towards Self Realization ~
God Realization.

Peace ~ Love ~ Joy and all~consuming Bliss

❃ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma ❃

From Live in the Light, a book of daily inspirations

Next Pure Meditation Course

May 5 – 11

There are currently spaces available on our upcoming Pure Meditation Course. We welcome hearing from you with any questions you may have or for more information.