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Release yourself from negativity, fear, conditioning – learn to embrace each day to the full with positivity, peace, love and joy

The Pure Meditation Course


~ is a 5 day residential in-depth Course ideally suited for this day and age, to help you find and be your True Self and to connect with the God-within. Develop inner peace, balance in life, health and happiness and greater understanding of yourself and others.

It is a Course for everyone ~ and incorporates the universal spiritual science and art of Raja and Kriya Yoga. Practicing Pure Meditation helps you to be in balance, come what may and reach your full potential in every aspect of your life.

You will find answers to all of life’s questions on both a Spiritual and mortal level, and learn how to truly Master yourself and connect more deeply with the Divine Oneness of all of life ~ to help bring you peace, joy and unconditional Love to all that you do.


Arrival: Student’s arrive on a Sunday afternoon to settle in, before staying for the week in the beauty and peace of the Centre.

Preparedness: Delicious, healthy meals are lovingly prepared so that you can give your full attention to learning and assimilating all that is taught on the Course.

Food: The food is vegetarian/vegan and special diets of all kinds can be catered for.

Timings: There are times to gather together for Pure Meditation  morning and evening and for teaching sessions throughout the day, as well as ample time to rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings

  • 28th November – 4 December 2021
  • 6th – 12th February 2022

The course price is $1100 which includes –

  • Accommodation
  • Meals

(Financial assistance can be available – please notify us by making sure you check the option in the register interest form below if you would like this)

Pure Meditation Course - Selfrealizationcentre NZ

Learning Pure Meditation at the Centre has given me a glimpse of a deep sense of peace; a stillness that is there within me and always has been.

Pamela Dwyer

Early Childhood Teacher

“Staying onsite, provides respite and Retreat from daily life, leaving you refreshed and ready to take all that you learn into your life.”

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