By Guest Contributor Emeline

We were delighted to host Emeline recently on Seva. She came at a perfect time ~ when the leaves were dropping in full force. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful for outdoor work, as there was plenty of raking, sweeping, and scooping leaves out of the pool. Emeline was also a natural in the kitchen. We miss your cooking, Emeline!

My Seva week at the Center was my own little retreat : a time to focus on the moment, and learn to find the joy in every task, action or quiet time of the day.

It was very inspiring, and all that emphasized by a very warm welcome and a feeling of being at home.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to live this experience.

Emeline is travelling in New Zealand at present and is originally from France. She recently spent a week living in at the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing as a residential Seva volunteer. Wherever in the world Emeline goes from here, she will always have a home in Christchurch and we welcome her anytime.