Hatha & Raja Yoga ~ Learn to empower & transform your life!

Experience how this deep and healing yoga form can provide loving practical tools to bring balance, harmony, and upliftment to all aspects of life.

These mini-retreats are suitable for all, including complete beginners and can be combined with Pure Meditation evening, accommodation, and Silent Retreat Sunday.  Please contact us if you would like to extend your retreat as part of your booking.

Our Hatha & Raja Yoga retreats are planned so that, between breaks and lunch, each session is varied and complete in itself; learn how simple it can be to reach a greater depth of balance and self-awareness on every level of body, mind and spirit.

We will be learning how the power of our mind combined with simple tools can positively change our state of being; as well working with body position and the breath.  Practiced in its fullness yoga can help us to ‘listen’ more intuitively as we go with the natural flow of our energies, transforming our state of being, thereby finding more enjoyment in all areas of our life

Enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch and the peaceful Centre gardens.

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