By Guest Contributor Nadine Marshall

Today as I sat at my tea break during seva I was so filled up by the feeling of how Joyful it is to give seva at the Centre.

Each task no matter how large or small is a special opportunity to express my care, respect, love and gratitude for this sacred place of retreat and sanctuary given unconditionally to us by God and Guru.

As one of many loving hands who care for this Centre, I feel it really is the most wonderful place of personal learning and growth.

Each time I come to seva its an opportunity for me to practice being 100% in the moment, to find and practice inner stillness in outward activity and service, to listen to and act upon my intuition, to pace myself and listen to my body’s need to rest, to go slower and get more done, to know when to finish a task or do as much as I can in the time available, to learn how to take the initiative or to follow Family’s lead, and so much more…

All wonderful learnings to take into daily life with my family, friends and work, which make life ever more joyful and fulfilling.

Nadine balances her time as a self employed facilitator, mum of two and regular volunteer at the Centre. She is a qualified SevaLight Hatha Yoga Teacher, Holistic Energy Healer (and Animal Healer) and Holistic Counsellor and Coach. She has been joyfully volunteering and attending courses, training and therapies at the SevaLight Centre for Self-Realization, Meditation & Healing since 2004.