There is nothing like silence to nourish your soul.

Inspired by the thoughts on silence that came up at last night’s yoga class and our upcoming silent retreat, I found this beautiful quote from Rumi and an insightful chapter from Mata Yoganandaji’s book The Truth Eternal:

Pure Meditation & Meditative States

Any form of meditative state is worthwhile to a degree. Whether it be sitting in the candlelight breathing gently, walking with a meditative mind or just sitting under a tree watching all of nature. There is some good in most of the states of being whereby we are pausing for rest and thought.

Seriously think what you are wanting to receive from this moment of time. If it is to relax and feel peaceful and no more, then, it’s all to the good. But if you still feel bereft of ‘something’, though you cannot gauge what it is, then Pure Meditation could be for you.

Now it is time for the heightening of spirit within the human race, bringing with it discontentment to the level that that person is at. The spirit (person) will need more ‘food for thought’ ~ will wish to delve deeper into themselves and the meaning of life. This is where Pure Meditation comes into its own.

In all my years studying the different forms of meditation, I have to say, not one other has incorporated everything that has been needed to satisfy and allow a person to take responsibility for themselves and at the end of a guided course in meditation have a ‘do it yourself’ kit to last them for the rest of their lives.

Pure Meditation does this by having such a comprehensive DIY Kit to fulfill all your needs. Handed down through the voice of the Masters, always at a time when this earth plane is in great need, it is a spiritual way to find your true Self, Self-Realization and God Realization.

Also incorporating Raja and Kriya Yoga, the teachings are on all aspects of life. We need these teachings in our life now as never before.

Silence & Meditation