Pure Spiritual Healing

We are open and operating at Delta Level 2 requirements.  Please contact us for more information on how we can meet your needs.

What is Healing?

Pure Spiritual Healing is the divine science and art of balance. It helps us to be more balanced in our body, mind, and spirit. This means that while the innermost layers of a person are balanced and energised, a sense of being more at peace with oneself and the world is achieved.

How does Healing work?

We are deeply connected to the life-force or cosmic energy that permeates the Universe. If our connection with this force becomes weakened or blocked, we eventually show signs of illness, imbalance, or feel disconnected from yourself and life. Pure Spiritual Healers are trained to act as a pure vessel to draw on the life-force energy, so that your inner being is strengthened, balanced, and healed in whatever way is needed most at that time. This inner balance then positively affects the outer layers of a person  ~ the mind, emotions, and physical body

Appointments in Pure Spiritual Healing

Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to settle into the peaceful energies of the waiting room to prepare. After being warmly welcomed by your Healer, you will receive a consultation. In addition to learning how to care for your energy on the day of Healing, you will also receive tools and techniques to help you go forward in life. Then you will be asked to lie down on the Healing table and will be covered with a blanket. The Healing energy will flow through the Healer, using either gentle touch or working around your body. Following your appointment, you are invited to rest in the waiting room, water and tea are available. Allow about an hour for your first appointment. We use Pure Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling separately or in combination to assist all to reach their health potential.

We welcome any hearing from you. Contact us  to book your first Healing appointment or with any questions you may have.

What illnesses can be helped?

Because Healing works so holistically, there is no limit to what sort of dis-eases of the mind, body or spirit can be helped. Healing always treats the whole person, as well as the disease, and many patients become truly well. The improvement can be gradual or dramatic. Many individual factors are at work here, so it is not possible to predict how quickly a particular condition can improve.

Winged Prayer

If for any reason you cannot receive treatment in person, or as an addition to regular treatment, you may request Winged Prayer. To receive, go into the quiet and inwardly ask. We ask for the Healing to be sent to all in need, at 9.00 pm each evening – join us at this time if you can. We receive requests from all over the world for this and many are helped.

Animal Healing

All animals can benefit greatly from Healing; domestic and farm animals happily receive Healing. Contact an experienced Healer for more details. Visit our Animal Healing page to find out about how you can train as an Animal Healer.

Healing Appointment Fees
1st Healing$75
Follow-up Healing$65
Children Healing$40
Animal Healing$40

♡ Please contact us if you have any needs regarding fees ♡