Spiritual Services & Seminars

Morning Prayer & Mid-week Service

~ Wednesday 8am ~

We meet each morning Monday to Friday for Prayer and Spiritual Reading 8am and Wednesdays 8-8.30am for a mid-week Service.

A beautiful way to connect deeply with the Divine presence and to enrich each day.

All are welcome to these non-denominational, devotional services, honouring the heart and essence of all beliefs and helping you to make a personal connection with the Infinite Beloved – God, which can then be cultivated as you live your day.

Winged Prayer

‘Open your heart to God. Prayer to God will bring you peace and joy’

~ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma


We pray each morning and night for all of life in need and welcome you to let us know of any situation which you wish to be held in prayer – knowing that Prayer and Faith move mountains.

For more information or to join us in person or remotely at these times, please contact us.