Are you feeling positive and vibrant?

As the beauty of nature unfolds and becomes more vibrant, we are finding there is an increasing need in people to connect with their own positive, vibrant energy within them ~ and really importantly, to have a way to look after their energies in day to day life. After all, life in today’s society can be very challenging for us in many ways, not least on our energies, where we can all too easily find ourselves affected by other people, stresses of work, technology, and our environment.

Are you feeling like this? If you’re feeling the need to find ways to connect more with peace and positivity, and then keep strong with this inner positivity, then have a look at what is on offer at the Centre, here in Bishopdale.

Through the coming months, we have a wealth of beautiful Courses and events, each one to facilitate this exploration and journey towards balance, vitality and wholeness… we would love to see you there!