Talk To Your Plants

A chapter from The Truth Eternal
By Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma


hug-a-treeMy dear ones, love your plants and talk to them.

They will respond by growing and living longer.

They have energy and can give of this energy, so do we;

and if we truly love and wish our plants well ~ from the heart, then, the vibration of this energy will be felt by the plant to a larger or lesser degree depending on the different species of plant life involved.

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Plants do have a ‘shelf life’ like humans, but many a so-called ‘dead’ plant has been nurtured back to life.

I love buying plants that look sick ~ to love them back to a healthy state.  To feel that many plants are discarded that could be saved is saddening to me.

Of course you can show them too much love by over-watering or handling them too much.  We need to use balance in all that we do.  Don’t forget to hug a tree when you can.  From the tree outwards to a distance of a few feet there is an energy ring, which, on hugging the tree and communing, we will receive energy and upliftment.  Don’t forget to bless the tree (energy freely given to you) or at least say ‘thank you’.  For in everything that we receive there is also a giving ~ or should be.  Duality is in everything.

Have you visited our enchanted gardens?  To relax in the peaceful environment of the Centre is truly a blessing, as is lending a helping hand with weeding, sweeping, and gardening.  Visit our Retreats pages and Volunteer page for more inspiration.

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