We have been joyously working together at the SevaLight Retreat Centre on many exciting changes and new projects, as we prepare for the beautiful expansion of Love and Light building through the blessings of our beloved Guru ~ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma.

It is always a joy to have many loving hands who have been “Living-In” and giving Seva alongside Centre family and our local daily volunteers – experiencing what spiritual family life and giving is all about.

Some of our recent Seva volunteers have hailed from across the globe, including Brazil, France, Netherlands and the UK to name a few.  We have had the wonderful experience of our blessings at meal times been said in Portuguese, Dutch & Spanish, and have been treated with wonderful home cooked cuisine with new recipes added to our list of family favourites!

Over this time the Centre has truly felt like a United Nations of Love, and we are truly grateful for all the ways our loving helpers share with us in taking more love and light out to this world in need.

We extend a warm welcome to all who wish to join us to experience live-in seva or one of our regular Seva Bee Volunteer Days.? 

Contact Us for more information or see our Schedule for dates throughout the year.