Dear friends ~ family of the Centre,

We send you warm wishes for this beautiful time ahead of Easter and Autumn transformation. Just today we noticed the first of the changing leaves on the glorious pin oak tree by the pool. It is always the first of the trees to tell us that this annual change is underway.

Easter, March 30 – April 2
Easter has traditionally been a time for transformation and reflection, and this Easter is no exception. In fact, there is so much spiritual change and opportunity in the air ~ can you feel it too? We’d love to have you join in celebrating the peace and stillness of Easter and with options of a silent retreat, Easter Satsanga Service and peaceful lunch, we have something for everyone, no matter what your beliefs.

Embracing & Affecting Change 
In keeping with the theme, how appropriate that we have our new course Embracing and Affecting Change coming up April 14 – 15. We are noticing an increased readiness for change ~ both within as well as a growing desire to see progress in the world around us.
There are still spaces remaining for this weekend course ~ read more and book today!

One of the greatest treasures of our work is witnessing the positive change that comes about for those who attend the Pure Meditation Course. The momentum for change comes and goes. Remember to take action while you are feeling inspired! There are endless ways life can pull us away from our good intentions. We would love to speak with you about the Pure Meditation Course and how in-depth meditation facilitates positive change in life. Our next course is April 22 – 28. Contact us today!

Earthquake Rebuild Update
God willing, our insurance court case will come to a close this year. Once it does, we will have the next stage of our big adventure to forge ahead ~ the rebuilding work. The engineers on both sides agree ~ the buildings are needing re-leveling (rebuilding is usual as/more cost effective). Your support in this endeavor now is vital to build our funds in support of this massive project. We know that blessings are very much with those who give. If you already donate regularly, it would really help if you could increase your gift. For those who do not yet do this, we would deeply appreciate you helping in this way.

Fundraising Projects
Because our funds are being directed to our court case, we are having difficulty getting ahead with some of our ongoing expenses and projects.  We know so many have said how much they value the Centre’s spiritual events, gardens and other offerings. We need to your support so that we can continue to provide a peaceful, loving haven for all who come. We have set up a fundraising projects page to reach out for help with operational expenses of the Centre. We have also included on this page some inspired words written by donors and volunteers of the Centre. Have a look!

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who are supporting the Centre through these venturesome times. We always welcome hearing from you ~ let us know if we can help in any way.

With our love and blessings to you,
Christinaseva & Paulpremanda