Why do we need a Guru?

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At a time when the whole world is having to re-evaluate its direction, priorities and values – it is more important than ever before that we awaken to the immense spiritual potential for growth the world is currently facing. Such opportunities do not come to the world very often. Having a Guru, a spiritual Master, to guide us through these times and help us make full use of this opportunity is invaluable.
There are too many myths, misunderstandings and falsehoods about what a Guru actually is and what having a Guru really means.

Unfortunately many people who are spiritually seeking are not availing themselves of the help they need. It has left others full of confusion and doubts.

Now is the time to find out the truth – only in this way can we make an informed choice.

If you are reading this message – this talk is for you.

Bring yourselves and an open mind to this illuminating and inspiring talk.

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This important talk will be given by Mananda Carrigan, a direct disciple of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma.