Yoga Classes in Christchurch

Sevalight Hatha Yoga is for all ages, conditions and abilities, including complete beginners. We offer weekly evening classes both online and in our peaceful, purpose-built yoga room.


Yoga Classes Christchurch Hatha

Term 1 Classes

February 3 – April 7
Thursdays 6.30 – 8pm
10 weeks for $170

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Online via Zoom

Weekly: 31 January – 4 April
Mondays 6.45am – 8.00pm
10 classes for $150

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Suitable for all, including complete beginners. Enquire with any questions.

Sevalight Hatha Yoga is for everyone~

We are operating under the traffic light system – we do require that those attending on site have a Vaccine Passport – and that a mask is worn coming in and out of the classes, but there is no need to wear a mask during the class.

Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes in Christchurch

What is a Sevalight Hatha Yoga Class like?

The Yoga Class Format:

  1. Arrive to a welcoming and comfortable environment
  2. The class begins with a relaxation to restful music
  3. Warm-ups then prepare the body for the Asanas
  4. Several Asanas (poses) are clearly taught
  5. Variations and alternatives are provided for each Asana
  6. The Asanas are balanced with rests and breathing exercises
  7. There is a review of the Asanas to deepen your practice
  8. The class finishes with a guided relaxation
  9. Students who wish to can stay for Pure Meditation Evenings following any of the Yoga Classes.


What are the benefits of Sevalight Hatha Yoga?

Read about some of the many benefits to learn why Sevalight Hatha Yoga is both powerful and effective.

What is it?

Sevalight Hatha Yoga is a gentle, holistic form of Yoga. It helps you to let go of the day’s stresses, learn to relax, improve your breathing and posture, and helps you to tune in with the needs of your body so that you get the exercise that is right for you.

Will it hurt?

Yoga should not be a painful experience, rather it should allow for a gentle easing of tension while strengthening and balancing. The best way to release tension is to enjoy a comfortable stretch, but without any strain. 

Is it for me?

Are you wanting to reduce stress, learn to relax, improve self-awareness, and learn a gentle yet powerfully effective way to get fit on all levels of your being? If so, book in to experience the benefits of Sevalight Hatha Yoga for yourself.

Ready to Experience the Positive Effects of Sevalight Hatha Yoga?

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Sevalight Hatha Yoga ~ an approach where fitness comes about naturally and steadily.

It is important that we do not push ourselves with any form of exercise. Rather we teach you to work with your body ~ tuning in with its needs. Therefore, you can naturally improve your physique, relax your mind, and open up to your inner spirit. We link the movement within Asanas (poses) with the breath. This is not only relaxing, but also helps with focus while helping you to master the breath.

Every person is an individual. Sevalight Hatha Yoga is inherently flexible, so that each person gets what they need.  It is a complete, holistic exercise. One that leaves us feeling relaxed yet energized and clear-headed.

There are a number of misconceptions about yoga:

  • that it is painful
  • that you have to be flexible or fit to do it
  • that it’s about tying yourself up in knots
  • that you should look a certain way to do it
  • that you need to wear specialty yoga clothes

The true essence of yoga is simple, loving, accepting and indeed when yoga is practised in this way, it is surprisingly powerful and effective.

Classes are taught by experienced teachers. The teacher has an awareness of the needs of the students and variations are given to suit individual needs. Contact a teacher today if you have questions about your own needs or about SevaLight Hatha Yoga. We welcome hearing from you.

Yoga Fees

Sevalight Hatha Yoga & Relaxation Classes are $14 per class, and are booked by the term. See our bookings page for upcoming term details.

Read about our Hatha & Raja classes on Mondays

We run Hatha & Raja Yoga classes on Mondays, 6.30 – 8pm for those ready for furthering their Hatha & Raja Yoga practice. We usually recommend at least one term of Sevalight Hatha Yoga (Thursdays) before enroling in Hatha & Raja Yoga classes. Please enquire with any questions.

Yoga Retreats

Visit our Yoga Retreats page for more details.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga sessions can be arranged for individuals or groups, including children’s yoga. Please contact us for more details.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a powerful way to help you move forward ~ tailor-made programmes to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more details.