Most often when people are drawn to attend Hatha Yoga classes they are looking for a positive change. Whether it be improved health and well-being, more balance in life, stress reduction, helping with concentration, posture, flexibility (the list goes on) we could all use more positivity. Consequently, in order to change we need to do something different. Transformation Hatha Yoga is an ideal way to get you back on track, and it’s great value for money too!

Transformation within the Yoga Class

The relaxing forms of Yoga, like Transformation Hatha Yoga, have a long-lived reputation for bringing about deep relaxation. The class has an ideal pace to combine gentle yet effective exercise with relaxation and breathing. Students leave feeling uplifted, energized yet restful, and relieved from much of the stress that they arrived with.

Transformation outside of the Yoga class

Between the tools and exercises we teach in our classes and the model of how we achieve balance within the class, students receive many ways to emanate this same balance throughout their week. Apply the tools just a few minutes throughout the day and notice the transformation.

Ongoing Transformation

Of course once we are underway with Yoga classes, the idea is to maintain and continue to fine tuning of the skills we are learning and applying them more and more into our life.

To experience the Transformation in your own life, book today and enjoy to benefits!

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