Transformation Yoga ~ In Your Words

In this post, we share with you some of the beautiful words from footage for our upcoming video “Transformation Yoga ~ In Your Words” (currently in post-production). We have a term beginning May 3rd ~ read more about our upcoming term.

It’s a fun thing to do especially in the week when you’re starting to get a little bit tired and you’ve been working hard.  It opens up this ability to relax much deeper than you normally can and just to forget about all your problems and worries or stresses.


Having children now, having the time away from them to come, reconnect with myself, have some space for myself, and to really just be for a couple of hours each weeks is something that I really look forward to. That space in my life is something that I really, really treasure.


I really like coming to the Centre and doing Yoga because it’s a nice way to relax after a stressful day at work, just to come and let go. It’s taught me how to release energy in the body so that it doesn’t stagnate.


For someone my age and being a male, I guess I never thought I’d be able to do Yoga. But there are all sorts of alternatives offered which means that anyone can do it.


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