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The Centre is currently undergoing relocation and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful new venue soon.

We are no longer operating Courses or Retreats at the Centre until we relocate. If there is anything you need please contact us as we still offer appointments online. Course requests can be directed to the worldwide website sevalight.org

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Christchurch Sevalight family

“True happiness is not to be found
in the world in outside pursuits,
but will only be found by looking
within, where it truly lies.”

~ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

Founder, Patron & Spiritual Head of the Self Realization Sevalight Centres Worldwide

Our mission

The Self Realization Sevalight Centre is here to help all towards health, happiness and harmony with life ~ and the realization of the True Spiritual Self. The Centre facilitates this via teaching in-depth meditation, hosting prayer and open meditation evenings every night of the year, spiritual services, gatherings, and ceremonies as well as yoga classes, pure healing and intuitive counselling appointments, courses and training, and silent, personal and Easter and Christmas retreats.

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Self Realization Sevalight Centre

in Canterbury, New Zealand, 
 ( Charitable Trust CC21694 )
is here for all people ~ of all backgrounds, beliefs and faith.

Honouring the universal nature of all spiritual Truths, paths and religions at their heart, and acknowledging the transformative power of connecting with these Truths, with simplicity and unconditional love ~ without dogma.

Mata Yogananda

Founder, Guru ~ Spiritual head and patron of the Self Realization Sevalight Centres for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling worldwide.

Mata Yoganandaji’s deep wisdom shines as a bright light, guiding the way through life’s problems and difficulties on any level of being, helping souls to find their own wisdom and fulfill their true potential.

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Pure Meditation

The Pure Meditation Course is for everyone ~ and incorporates Raja and Kriya Yoga. Practicing Pure Meditation helps you to find and connect deeply with God-within, to be in balance, come what may and reach your full potential in every aspect of your life.

Find answers to all life’s questions on both a Spiritual and mortal level; learn how to truly Master yourself and bring peace, joy and unconditional Love to all that you do.

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Sevalight Hatha Yoga

Sevalight Hatha Yoga is a gentle, holistic form of Yoga. It helps you to let go of the day’s stresses, learn to relax, improve your breathing and posture, and helps you to tune in with the needs of your body so that you get the exercise that is right for you.

Sevalight Hatha Yoga is for all ages, conditions and abilities, including complete beginners. We offer weekly evening classes both online and in our peaceful, purpose-built yoga room.

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Mata Yogananda

Pure Meditation

Courses & Events

Yoga Classes


‘True happiness is not to be found in the world in outside pursuits, but will only be found by looking within, where it truly lies’

~ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma


These words of inspiration empower us to see that by connecting with our inner self we can find true happiness come what may…. (for more inspirations and tools)…

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Self Realization Sevalight Centres Worldwide are also located in Auckland, Australia, Canada & the United States.   

 For more details about the Self Realization Sevalight Centres Worldwide and the work of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma,

please visit sevalight.org